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Thirteen years and a dawn
They who struck the chords that compelled
A mighty blow against a weak throne
Forever changed a land covered in ice; breathing
The star, the hammer, the blade of the sickle rising

He was the lone stag bred for blood
Born in a fold of tribulation and fear
Where hunger grips the peasants empty hands
And death awaits those who march the field; wielding
Shouting, fighting, falling, dying.

And with no care they who steal
Shall spill the blood of 3 generations
For neither can live while the other survives
Of causes that neither understand; supplanting
Cunning, deceiving, they who were loyal betraying

Run young stag, as thy kin in slaughter fall
Run, as their blood trace the lines of the castle wall
But as your own grave opens where you hide awaits
The assassins bullet struck that dawn after thirteen years; bearing
Clouding, darkening, the sun in your eyes setting

And as you sleep, a whole generation
They await to bring you home at your place
That your bones be scattered among pits of dread
Will finally rest in the the arms of your own; descending
pacing, down the aisle slowly walking

And finally you remember, the broken arms of your mother
The blank gaze of your father, the bleeding heart
For the years you were lost, now you came home
To rejoin your place to a throne promised to you; beckoning
Commanding, rays of light crowning

My once and future king, rising.

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