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Though you may be asleep, and these words you may not hear
Nor the rain in mid-August or the wind from south where it came
Though your body lie still, without care, without fear
Though the pages turn to forget with questions of blame
As they ponder on why your body lie in a row
We could never tell, no one could ever know

You shall never be lost, never be swept by the ebbing tide
Your names who are known to those unknown to us
Will forever be kept in the reliquary where we hide
For though in sleep you may fall, to decay, to rust
While your soul soar to the heavens never to be alone
With us your body rests which once was your home

Though history may paint you as faces with no names
You and your brethren will no longer know pain
So rest little angles, hear His light call
Your names are now known though in sleep you fall

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