Don’t cry little flower, don’t ever shed your tears Don’t let it ruin that pretty dress that has not seen a year Don’t let the larks rattle you in your deepest of sleep Don’t fret, don’t wary, though solitary in your keep As you await, by the window you gaze Waiting for as the sun sets in a haze Worry not that the night shall be cold Worry not though the curtains unfold That sadness will forever be your friend That the hallow earth shall close in and mend That Mother weeps, that father despair That I am not there nor would not even care For I am here, and I will never leave As they draw the curtains of our last eve Sleep, sweet sister, wipe the tears you cried For I your brother shall be buried by your side

Though you may be asleep, and these words you may not hear Nor the rain in mid-August or the wind from south where it came Though your body lie still, without care, without fear Though the pages turn to forget with questions of blame As they ponder on why your body lie in a row We could never tell, no one could ever know You shall never be lost, never be swept by the ebbing tide Your names who are known to those unknown to us Will forever be kept in the reliquary where we hide For though in sleep you may fall, to decay, to rust While your soul soar to the heavens never to be alone With us your body rests which once was your home Though history may paint you as faces with no names You and your brethren will no longer know pain So rest little […]

Thirteen years and a dawn They who struck the chords that compelled A mighty blow against a weak throne Forever changed a land covered in ice; breathing The star, the hammer, the blade of the sickle rising He was the lone stag bred for blood Born in a fold of tribulation and fear Where hunger grips the peasants empty hands And death awaits those who march the field; wielding Shouting, fighting, falling, dying. And with no care they who steal Shall spill the blood of 3 generations For neither can live while the other survives Of causes that neither understand; supplanting Cunning, deceiving, they who were loyal betraying Run young stag, as thy kin in slaughter fall Run, as their blood trace the lines of the castle wall But as your own grave opens where you hide awaits The assassins bullet struck that dawn after thirteen years; bearing Clouding, darkening, […]

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